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What would be the best way to spend the holiday? The answer could vary according to the various interests of various people. And those interests determine the selection of places that fits your interest. For a lot of adventure lovers, trekking in Nepal can be an unforgettable experience forlifetime. It is a great surprise that Nepal is one of the best place for the budget tour in the world.

Nepal was opened for the travellers in the year of 1950. The land of Shangri la has still some of the unexplored and pristine region, unbeaten paths, authentic culture and traditions that attracts the thousands of the explorer.Himalaya trekking is an opportunity to gain not only an experience but to realise an ultimate spiritual happiness and peace.The snow capped peaks ranging to the greatest altitude and alpine climate on the Northern region suits for the trekking which is an ultimate dream of an adventure lover. There would be rare trekkers who do not wish to experience the Everest base camp trek. Various ranges of adventure trekking are available which varyin the duration, places and streniousity.Langtang Valley trek, Annapurna base camp trekking, ManasluTrekking , Annapurna base camp trekking are popular all over the world.

Not only the high mountains , the uproaring snow fed rivers, deep gorges, valleys, amazing passes, lush forests, wild variety of flora and fauna are the natural features of Nepal. Highly friendly Sherpa people as well as the warm hospitality of the simple Nepali people have won the heart of people all over. Not only this visitorprefers the tour in Nepal to explore the cultures, traditions, lifestyle of the people living here. Everyone will be fascinated  to see the strong religious belief  among the Nepalese people. As, though in Nepal you can find the blend of all religionswhereas Hindu and Buddhist religion dominates most of the population.You can prefer the Kathmandu Valley tour consulting with any tour agency  if you want to know more about the history of an ancient medieval period to the incipient modern culture of Nepal. Kathmandu is the beautiful town with an amalgam of the various races of the people residing from all over the nation.  Lalitpur, Patanis the historical town with their authentic identity lying near to Kathmandu.Travelers can also engage themselves in the adventurous activities  and experiences of trekking , hiking in Nepal, rafting, kayaking, canoeing, peak climbing, cycling, bungee jumping, Paraglidingetc. which is organized by various travel agencies too.